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CO2 and N availability (SCC Hofstetten)

Response of N availability to atmospheric CO2 enrichment in a mature forest


The project CO2 and N-availability is conducted at Hofstetten (SO), on a research site of the Botanical Institute of the University of Basel (Prof. C. Körner and his team). A crane is installed in this mixed forest, enabling to access the tree crowns (project Swiss canopy crane, SCC). The atmosphere around several trees is being enriched with CO2 and the goal of our project is to measure the effect of this elevated CO2 concentration onto the availability of nutrients (especially nitrogen) in the soil.

This research project started in spring 2001. It was integrated in the COST action E21: Contribution of forests and forestry to mitigate greenhouse effects and was financed until 2004 by the Swiss federal office for science and education. The initial experiment was conducted on broadleaved trees and was stopped in 2009. It was then replaced by a similar study on spruce trees.