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Demonstrator for flexible SHP (SmallFlex): Real-time hydrological forecasts


SmallFlex - Real-time hydrological forecasts for flexible operation of a small hydropower plant



The overall aim of this project is to show how small-hydropower plants (SHP) can provide winter peak energy and ancillary services, whilst remaining eco-compatible. The outcome of recent research by SCCER-SoE partners will be applied to a pilot facility provided by FMV with the goal of providing operational flexibility to the SHP owner and therefore harvest additional revenues. The addition of flexibility will be done by testing infrastructure and equipment or operational adaptation measures, assessing their impact in terms of outflows, electricity output and revenues. The lessons learned from this Demonstrator will be publicly presented and used as a benchmark for the SHP sector.
The WSL contribution is to demonstrate how FMV could benefit from (very) short (< 1 day) to extended range (> 1 week) water inflow forecasts at the water intake in Gletsch. This will be achieved by combining different numerical models recently developed at MeteoSwiss, SLF, WSL, a.o. with real-time data.