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Feasibility study for a new national database on geo-referenced genetic diversity in populations of wild species



Background: Genetic diversity is an integral part of biodiversity, recognized as key for population persistence in and adaptation to changing environments and extreme events. The global Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) requires countries to assess and monitor, and eventually halt the loss of genetic diversity. However, there is no systematic collection of Swiss data tailored to the specific needs of Swiss stakeholders to support this process.


Aim: The project GenDiB sets out to evaluate the needs and feasibility of a new national database on geo-referenced genetic diversity data in populations of wild species across Switzerland.

The concept developed as part of the project will provide the basis for a national database for hosting geo-referenced datasets of within-population genetic data. Such a database can provide a baseline for evaluating spatial patterns of intraspecific genetic diversity across a broad range of taxa, detect populations and areas of conservation concern, and allow for the assessment of temporal changes or effects of extremes. Such information will help improve and develop conservation measures. Additionally, these data can be accessed for teaching purposes.