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Development of a high-precision seismic trigger system for the Vallée de la Sionne test site


At the Valleé de la Sionne test site, the snow avalanche activity is monitored continuously using a seismic system that triggers sensors and radars. Recently, the trigger has lost reliability due to the aging of the sensors. Additionally, the introduction of new technologies (e.g. GEODAR) has also shown its limitations in term of accuracy and sensitivity. Indeed, the seismic data are characterized by a high noise level, not allowing to decrease the trigger threshold to capture weaker signals far away. This results in partial datasets, which lack the release and upper flowing zone data. The goal of this project is to develop a low power, high precision, low budget seismic trigger system with remote control. It will be used in a tailored configuration to detect the whole avalanche activity at the Valleé de la Sionne, from release to deposition.