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Spatial modelling of insect pests under future climate change


Pest species from all over the world might get widespread by global trading and establish themselves due to more suitable climates in new regions. Therefore, pressure from pests on crop plants will increase with climate change, thus requiring adaptation of crop protection measures. The development of these measures is supported by quantitative information on the future proliferation and spread of pests and pathogenic agents. The goal of this project is to use current climate scenarios and contemporary spatial modelling approaches to prepare scenarios for the development and spread of certain harmful organisms relevant to the Swiss agricultural sector. Developing spatial models for the surveillance of insect pest species that are expected to invade Switzerland under future climate change and the evaluation of the circumstances under which they could threaten the Swiss agriculture is crucial in order to work on protection strategies.

Project details

Project duration

2017 - 2020

Project lead

Prof. Dr. Loïc Pellissier


Additional information

Research area

Loïc Pellisier’s research focuses on understanding and modelling past and future landscape dynamic and its link to biodiversity. He uses the fundamental knowledge in ecology and evolution of landscape biodiversity patterns provided by his research to improve sustainable management of natural resources. One of his research interests is the interaction between species, and  how species assemblages respond to climate change. He also investigates the impact of climate change on ecosystems including the Arctic tundra and the marine realm. His current research objectives are to improve methods of modelling biodiversity across landscapes and to track change in the landscape more accurately with remote sensing technologies.

Curriculum Vitae

Loïc Pellissier has been Assistant Professor (with Tenure Track) of Landscape Ecology at the Institute of Terrestrial Ecosystems at ETH Zurich and at WSL since July 2015.

He was born in Martigny, Switzerland, in 1984.

Loïc Pellissier studied at the University of Lausanne and completed his PhD in 2012. He then led a postdoctoral research project at the Arctic Research Center (Roskilde), which is affiliated to Aarhus University in Denmark. From 2013 to 2015 he was research group leader at the University of Fribourg.