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Developing a GIS-based forecast model of inhabitants’ nearby outdoor recreation use


The goal of this project was to further develop and refine a pilot  model of nearby outdoor recreation use of the region of Frauenfeld and extend its validity to Swiss peri-urban regions of Switzerland. This improved model should be able to make robust forcasts in terms of which near to nature areas around a city or town  the local inhabitants preferably use in  their leisure time for outdoor recreation, which activities they pursue there and which personal needs they want to satisfy with these activities.

This forcast model is based on empirical data recorded through standardised surveys in the Swiss cities of Frauenfeld, St. Gallen, Langenthal, Delémont and Bellinzona.

The results of this study contribute in two respects to the landscape management of peri-urban regions: on the one hand in terms of providing the spatial determinants for an optimal nearby outdoor recreation service, and on the other hand to establish a basis to compensate additional expenditures for recreation functions of forests or agricultural lands.


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Project Team

  • Project leader: Matthias Buchecker
  • Social sciences: Barbara Degenhardt, Christine Irngartinger, Aurelia Adamo
  • Landscape modelling: Felix Kienast, Barbara Weilenmann, Linda Feichtinger