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Requirements for local quality of life and the potential of consensus building for a sustainable development of space and mobility


Project Information

This project aims at establishing a basis for a more sustainable spatial planning by trying to find out a) which spatial development and which ways of decision making meet the needs of the residents best and b) to what extent a more sustainable spatial planning can contribute to a reduction of leisure mobility. In particular, the project has the following two objectives:

  • which demands residents make regarding their everyday-living space, how they make use of it, how they perceive the quality of their surroundings, and why they frequently visit areas far away from their residential area
  • and which is the effect of participatory decision making on landscape development and the relation between residents and living space.

In several municipalities, standardized surveys were conducted among inhabitants, as well as qualitative interview studies and a quasi-experimental study to investigate a participative landscape development process.

The project was part of the WSL Research Program  "Land Resources Management in Peri-Urban Environments".


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Project Team

Dr. Jacqueline Frick

Corina Höppner

Erwin Rüegg, Institut für Politikwissenschaft der Uni Zürich