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Development of a seismo-acoustic avalanche detection system


Knowledge about the location and timing of avalanches is of central importance to issue the avalanche bulletin as well as for avalanche safety services or ski resorts. Currently, information on avalanche activity is mainly obtained through visual observations, which cannot be carried when visibility is poor or in remote areas.

To fill this data gap, avalanche detection systems can be used. When an avalanche starts moving, it generates vibrations in the subsurface that can be measured with seismometers. Furthermore, low-frequency acoustic signals, known as infrasound, are generated that can be recorded by special microphones (infrasound sensors). In this Innosuisse project, a combined system of seismic and infrasound sensors will be developed in collaboration with Geopraevent and Altecno, which will enable the detection and localization of avalanches within a radius of several kilometers.