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SImulating REcreationists’ MOvements


This project aims at developing an Agent Based Model (ABM) simulating people’s movements in and to nearby recreation areas and at linking this ABM with the WSL model on spatial recreation behaviour depending on landscape features. We model linear movements of recreationists in relation to road features and landscape qualities and identify the specific locations of obstacles and barriers, which interrupt access to nearby recreation areas. The ABM is created for a case study region in the metropolitan region of Zurich and implemented to evaluate and prioritize upgrading measures, which the municipalities are currently planning.

This project is part of a Federal Model Project of Sustainable Spatial Development called “Attraktive Erschliessung der siedlungsnahen Erholungsräume mit Langsamverkehrsnetzen als Elemente der Lebens- und Standortqualität”. Several Federal Offices and the Association of the Metropolitan Region of Zurich sponsor the project. Further project partners are Schweizer Wanderwege and SwitzerlandMobility.