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Success control of the revitalization of the river Chriesbach



Besides ecological and biological dimensions, a revitalization campaign also impacts a social dimension. This aspect has been taken into account in the Chriesbach revitalization project. One goal of the revitalization is that a gain for both humans and the environment should be achieved. By this, the revitalization project follows recommendations and results from public health promotion. Especially the building of a green corridor and the employment of an open-air laboratory are promising for promoting wellbeing and health, and have thus the potential to improve quality of life of local residents and employees of near-by institutions (e.g., Eawag, Empa). Main research questions:

Research Questions and Project Goals

Aim of this project is to conduct a success control for the social part of the revitalization. A special focus lies on the restorative qualities of the green corridor and the acceptance of the open-air laboratory. The following research questions will be answered:

  • Could the revitalization of the Chriesbach improve wellbeing, health and the quality of life for local residents and employees of nearby institutes?
  • Is the open-air laboratory used and accepted by local residents? Does it help bridging the gap between science and society?
  • Does the evaluation of the revitalization depend on the way that information is designed? Do people differ in their assessment of the revitalization if they receive different information about the project?

These research questions will be answered by conducting a survey study. Topics in the survey will be, e.g., assessment of the landscape, restorative qualities, expectations toward the revitalization, and socio-demographics, among others.

Project Partner

  • Christian Marti (AWEL, Gesamtprojektleitung)
  • Dr. Robert Tobias (Eawag)


The project is partially funded by AWEL Amt für Abfall, Wasser, Energie und Luft, Abt. Wasserbau and is situated at Eawag.