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Bellinzona and its Castles

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The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL has documented the development of the city and landscape of the Ticino capital with a sequence of transitions between old and new photos and video scenes set to medieval music.       



How has the face of the city, its castles and the surrounding landscape evolved over the last century? This multimedia presentation with photos, film footage and music documents the change in an impressive way.

From contributions of public institutions and private collectors, the author compiled a digital photo library of significant historical interest. From this, he selected the most meaningful images and then shot new photos from the same perspective as the historical ones. The use of an innovative technique developed by the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL enabled him to create precise overlays. The transitions between old and new created in this way are unique.

The film shows the relentless action of time and people in shaping the space in which they live and live. A true journey through time awaits the viewer. Those familiar with the area may reminisce and be surprised at how much has been lost and how much has been newly created. Visitors will discover aspects of the Ticino capital unknown to them.

The film music contains great pieces ranging from the courtly music of the 13th century to the music of the 20th century. Represented are Orlando di Lasso, Kapsberger, Moulinié, Biber, Vivaldi and other famous composers.




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