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Combination trap for flying insects

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The combination trap for flying insects is a combination of a window trap and a yellow pan trap.


After having used a separate window trap and a yellow pan trap in a multitude of projects to assess the diversity of flying arthropods, we designed a combined trap.


The combi trap is more economical to maintain and more ergonomical to empty and service. A masters thesis showed that catches of number of species and individuals are statistically identical if using a combi-trap or a window and a yello pan trap combined. Furthermore with the combi-trap catches are not depending on wind direction.

These traps, combined with our pitfall trap, are in use for the Swiss Biodiversity Monitoring (BDM-CH) in a project that employs rapid biodiversity assessment methods to comparably measure species diversity.

The costs for material and manufacturing one trap amount to CHF 150.-. Postal delivery only to Switzerland, pickup at WSL possible and preferred. People interested in using this trap may contact us directly. A few images should clarify the design and functioning of the trap: