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Our research activities lead us to develop information platforms, computer models and software tools. Many of those are freely available, mostly at no cost to users.



Alpine 3D

Alpine3D is a spatial, three-dimensional snow cover and earth surface model developed by the SLF.

Person in charge: Mathias Bavay


Avalanche hazard maps are prepared by engineers and land-planners who rely both on practical experience and calculation models to predict avalanche runout distances and flow velocities.


Person in charge: Marc Christen


BatEcho demonstrates the echolocation calls of bat species native to Switzerland and links to additional information on biology, distribution and red list status of the bat species.

Person in charge: Martin Obrist


BatScope allows to consistently import recordings from BATLOGGERs (and other devices), the structured storage of these data in projects and recording events, visual control of the recordings (spectrograms), and the automated recognition of the calling bat species.

Person in charge: Martin Obrist

Bellinzona und seine Schlösser

Die Entwicklung von Stadt und Landschaft des Tessiner Hauptorts auf originelle Art dokumentiert: Mit einer vertonten Sequenz von Übergängen zwischen alten und neuen Fotos und Videoszenen.

Person in charge: Patrik Krebs