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BatEcho is a FileMaker-application to display echolocation calls of Swiss bats.



The application contains further species specific information which is largely derived from online sources. An active connection to the Internet is required for these features to work. The Swiss distribution maps are derived from the Web site of CSCF.

Download the file (ATTENTION 1.2 GIGABYTE!) to your hard drive and unzip, then start the application by clicking BatEcho Mac Start or BatEcho PC Start.

System requirements

  • Mac or PC
  • 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended), 1 GHz CPU
  • Quicktime installed
  • Internet connection for some features

Update 10.01.2016

  • The links to the distribution maps of the IUCN and to the pages of Fledermausschutz Schweiz have changed! An updated version of the URLs can be found here: URL_Import.txt
  • Right-click or ctrl-click on the link and save the text-file to the folder "BatEchoDVD/Programmdaten/"
  • Update the links in BatEcho by pressing the button 'Reimport URLs' in the tab 'Information' and directing the dialog to the above file!