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BatScope 3

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With BatScope, you can

  • transfer your BATLOGGER (and other) recordings from SD card to a well-structured database on your Mac
  • easily browse your collection of bat recordings and get an overview over their contents
  • view spectrograms of recorded sequences
  • cut recorded sequences into single bat calls
  • automatically analyze and classify bat calls to species, using different classification systems
  • track your route of recording via BatLogger GPS records comfortably in Google Maps/Earth
  • search, filter and sort your database of bat recordings by any criteria such as time or location
  • export the results, classifications or whole sounds and easily share with other users

New in BatScope version 3

  • changes in the underlying framework increase the speed of searching and filtering significantly
  • blazing fast multi-threaded import, cutting, analysis and classification on multi-core computers
  • import foreign recording formats
  • new layouts, settings and export functionality
  • considerably extended documentation


(see section "Updating to a Newer Version of BatScope" in manual)

  • from BatScope 2: Existing files have to be INTEGRATED in the new database (not imported!), as the new database contains additional structures.
  •  ATTENTION: Due to format changes, after having integrated data into BatScope 3 they cannot be processed with BatScope 2 anymore. If this is required, work on a duplicate of the data.
  • from BatScope 3: Entries from an old database can be ported rather quickly to a new version (Menu File> Import Database).
  • please do consult the Manual and the FAQ...

System requirements

  • Mac (with Intel processor!), OS X 10.7-10.12 - ATTENTION: Will not run on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)!
  • 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended), 1 GHz CPU
  • SD card reader for importing from Batlogger SD cards directly
  • Google Earth and Raven (Pro or Lite) are recommended for full exploitation of features



If you are using BatScope 3 in your work, please cite it as following, including the http-link:

Obrist, M.K., Boesch, R. (2018) BatScope manages acoustic recordings, analyses calls, and classifies bat species automatically. Can. J. Zool.(96): 939-954. doi: 10.1139/cjz-2017-0103.