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Monocots - Database of anatomical images

581500 Bromopsis austrosibirica

First Collector Danihelka,J.
Collection Date 2006-07-20
Country Russian Federation
Province Altay
Latitude 50.317666667°
Longitude 87.714500000°
Altitude 2185
Habitat Species-rich alpine meadow on a steep S facing slope

Anatomical description of culm

Cross-section round. Outline smooth. Culm center hollow. No visual difference between epidermis cells and sclerenchyma cells. Peripheral sclerenchymatic stabilisation structure (girders) rectangular. Large vascular bundles in one row. Small vascular bundl

Anatomical description of leaf

Outline smooth. Upper and lower epidermis cells of equal size and shape. Upper epidermis cells in several rows. Vascular bundles centered between the upper and lower side of the leaf. Girders extending from the vascular bundle to the lower side of the le

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