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Monocots - Database of anatomical images

569333 Carex arnellii

First Collector Šmarda,P.
Collection Date 2003-08-03
Country Russian Federation
Province Krasnoyarskiy Kray
Latitude 52.166777778°
Longitude 92.310305556°
Altitude 548
Habitat Betula pendula hemiboreal forest with Carex macroura, Rubus saxatilis, Rosa acicularis, and Spiraea chamaedryfolia in undergrowth; scattered

Anatomical description of culm

Cross-section triangular. Outline with rips. Culm center hollow. Recognizable epidermis cells. Peripheral sclerenchymatic stabilisation structure (girders) conic. Large vascular bundles in one row. Vascular bundles integrated in peripheral stabilisation s

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