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Monocots - Database of anatomical images

0239-0246 Carex buxbaumii Wahlenb.

First Collector Wahlenb.
Collection Date 12.5.1899
Country Switzerland
Province ThUrigovia
Latitude NA
Longitude NA
Altitude 500
Habitat Perennial. Beech forest, hill zone.

Anatomical description of culm

Culm-diameter 1-2 mm, Otline triangular, acutely. Center with net-like aerenchyma (stellate). Epidermis cells inside thin, peripheral thicker-walled (lignified). Large vascular bundles arranged in one peripheral row. Chlorenchyma in round, oval, square or

Anatomical description of rhyzom

Rhizome diameter 2-4.99 mm, Rhizome center full, containing lignified cells. Endodermis absent.With cortex/central cylinder separation. Endodermis present. Endodermis cells u-shaped, thick walled. Cells in the cortex round. Vascular bundles in the cortex

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