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Monocots - Database of anatomical images

0274-0279 Carex diandra L.

First Collector L.
Collection Date 28.6. 1891
Country Switzerland
Province Zurich
Latitude NA
Longitude NA
Altitude 400
Habitat Perennial. Wet meadow, fen, hill zone.

Anatomical description of culm

Culm-diameter 0.5-1 mm, wall large, radius of culm in relation to wall thickness approximately 1: 0.5. Outline triangular, obtusely. Culm-center hollow and surrounded by a few thin-walled, not lignified cells. Center with net-like aerenchyma (stellate).

Anatomical description of rhyzom

Rhizome diameter 2-4.99 mm, Rhizome center full, containing lignified cells. Endodermis absent.With cortex/central cylinder separation. Endodermis present. Endodermis as a sclerenchymatic belt. Vascular bundles in the cortex absent. Vascular bundles in ce

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