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Monocots - Database of anatomical images

0302-0305 Carex echinata

First Collector L.
Collection Date 2011-06-29
Country Switzerland
Province Berne
Latitude NA
Longitude NA
Altitude 1450
Habitat Perennial. moist meadow, subalpine.

Anatomical description of culm

Culm-diameter 0.5-1 mm, wall large, radius of culm in relation to wall thickness approximately 1: 0.5. Outline circular with a smooth surface. Culm-center hollow and surrounded by many large thin-walled, not lignified cells. Center with net-like aerenchym

Anatomical description of rhyzom

Rhizome diameter 1-1.99 mm, Rhizome center full, containing lignified cells. Endodermis absent.With cortex/central cylinder separation. Endodermis present. Endodermis cells u-shaped, thick walled. Cells in the cortex round. Vascular bundles in the cortex

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