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Monocots - Database of anatomical images

619672 Eleocharis palustris

First Collector Chytrý,M.
Collection Date 2010-08-16
Country Russian Federation
Province Sakha (Yakutiya)
Latitude 62.598277778°
Longitude 130.566194444°
Altitude 154
Habitat Marsh with Alopecurus arundinaceus

Anatomical description of culm

Cross-section round. Outline smooth. Culm center with net-like parenchyma cells (aerenchyma). Recognizable epidermis cells. Large vascular bundles in one row. Solitary large vascular bundles. Sclerenchymatic sheath around vascular bundles with 1-3 cells.

Anatomical description of leaf

Outline smooth. Upper epidermis cells in one row. Epdermis lignified. Vascular bundles centered between the upper and lower side of the leaf. Large cavities.

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