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Monocots - Database of anatomical images

ASC00041661 Leymus triticoides

First Collector R.H. Hevly
Collection Date 1974
Country USA
Province Arizona
Latitude 36.449831000000003
Longitude -109.291112999999996
Altitude 2316
Habitat Lukachai Mts. Lukachai Wash

Anatomical description of culm

Cross-section round. Outline smooth. Culm center hollow. Recognizable epidermis cells. Continuous peripheral sclerenchymatic belt. Large vascular bundles in 2-3 rows. Small vascular bundles integrated in the sclerenchymatic belt. Solitary large vascular b

Anatomical description of leaf

Outline with rips. Upper and lower epidermis cells of equal size and shape. Upper epidermis cells in several rows. Epdermis lignified.

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