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VEGEDAZ is a software for seizing and evaluating vegetation data. It comprises several components:

  • Editor with special functions and features which are useful for vegetation science
  • Data base system for vegetation records and occurring species
  • Analysis tool emphasizing indicator values
  • Tool for modifying or defining indicator values
  • Interactive distribution map
  • Interface to Statistics packages, including a collection of R scripts

System requirements:

Windows 2000 / Windows XP oder newer, Mac or Unix with Windows Emulation.

The program is provided in a 32 and in a 64 bit version.


This program was developed as part of a research project. Therefore we do not accept any liability for any damages or financial losses resulting from malfunctioning of the program. If any problems should occur, you can get support from meinrad.kuechler(at)wslto make life hard for spam The program is free to be used for scientific purposes, but all rights remain with the developer. By downloading VEGEDAZ you agree to accept these conditions of use for VEGEDAZ.