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Video: automatic insect trap

Night-time street lighting attracts nocturnal insects irresistibly. How do they react to different types of artificial light? At WSL we have developed special insect traps to study this question.

Person in charge: Janine Bolliger

Video: Insect trap WSL with Beat Wermelinger

In einem Projekt der Eidg. Forschungsanstalt WSL wird der Einfluss von Lichtwellenlänge und Leuchtenform von Strassenlampen auf Insekten untersucht. Der Film wurde von der MAZ Luzern produziert.

Person in charge: Beat Wermelinger

Video: The spore trap

Them spore trap on the WSL site in Birmensdorf is part of the Global Spore Sampling Project. Up until now, only 150,000 species of fungi have been scientifically described, but it is assumed that there are actually between two and 13.2 million. The sampling project should help to obtain more accurate estimates.