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Snow and Ice

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Video: Albedo of snow-covered forests

To better understand the albedo of snow-covered forests, Johanna Malle uses a miniature cable-car and a drone.

Video: Elbara-Radiometer in the Arctic

WSL staff member Reza Naderpour is in the arctic with an ELBARA-III radiometer (1.4 GHz) for measurement of sea ice. We introduce its development and the team behind it.

Person in charge: Reza Naderpour , Mike Schwank

Video: Glacier survey with drones

The glaciologist Saskia Gindraux investigates in the frame of her Phd project three glaciers of Switzerland. By georeferencing aerial photographs she generates 3D-models of the glacier volume.

Person in charge: Saskia Gindraux

Video: Mountain fever

The mountain world is changing particularly rapidly due to climate change. Protection against natural hazards is becoming increasingly important. The film "Mountain fever" provides an insight into the research conducted by the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF.

Video: Permafrost measurements on Schafberg (GB)

Am Schafberg oberhalb von Pontresina GR (2750 m ü. M.) – wie fast überall oberhalb von 2500 Metern – taut der Permafrost. Zusammen mit der Permafrost-Gruppe des SLF testet Geophysiker Jacopo Boaga neue Methoden, um die Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf den alpinen Permafrost zu untersuchen. Jacobo erklärt, wieso man Strom in den Boden leitet, um die Dicke von gefrorenen und aufgetauten Schichten zu messen.

Person in charge: Jacopo Boaga