ResearcherID: L-9315-2013



  • Macro- and micromorphological changes in response to environmental stress
  • Functional plant anatomy
  • Autoecology of woody species
  • Bioindication of airborne and soilborne stress factors
  • Histology, Cytology and Cell physiology

Lecture with Practical Exercises: Functional plant anatomy and ecology

Teaching includes class hours, laboratory training and an excursion during the spring semester.Lecture chapters : 1. Introduction. 2. Plant cells and environmental constraints.3. Plant tissues and their contribution to environmental adaptation.4. Plant roots: from the cell to plant-soil interactions. 5. Ecology and structure: 5.1. Plant structure and the ecological niche. 5.2. Structural changes in response to environmental constraints. 6. Structural responses to stress: 6.1. Visible symptoms and microscopic changes. 6.2. Bioindication on the basis of microscopic markers. 7. Conclusions. Documents discussed in the lecture, training protocols, research articles and many microscopy micrographs are provided online and in the form of downloadable files during the semester.

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