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SwissForestLab - LWF workshop



WSL Birmendsdorf, Englersaal


SwissForestLab LWF



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Exposés et colloques


You are kindly invited to the 1st SwissForestLab workshop where we review and discuss the latest findings from the LWF program, our partner networks and experimental sites. In memory of Matthias Dobbertin, who passed away five years ago, we will remember him as our colleague, who saw what we are harvesting now.

We are honored to welcome Prof. John Innes, Dean of the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia and founder of the LWF program and Prof. Wim de Vries from Wageningen University as invited keynote speakers.

The sessions and discussions will be moderated by Paolo Cherubini and Arthur Gessler.

Topic Speaker
John Innes Keynote: Hindsight vs. foresight: why monitoring is important in a world of scenario modelling
Wim de Vries Keynote: Impacts of nitrogen deposition and ozone exposure on forest growth: an overview of experiments and monitoring results
Sophia Etzold Impacts of stand properties, air quality, climate and site quality on forest growth in Europe
Maxime Cailleret Predicting ozone fluxes, impacts and critical levels on European forests
Sabine Augustin N- and O3-effects on trees – controversial or just a matter of perspective?
Marco Ferretti Pan-European forest monitoring – keywords for the 21st century
Lukas Hörtnagel Two decades of ecosystem fluxes above a sub-alpine coniferous forest in Switzerland
Leonie Schönbeck The winner takes it all – who benefits from drought release?
Christian Ginzler View from above – linking in situ data with remote sensing
Maria Schmitt Junior research at LWF
Matthias Haeni Towards smart data and data management in LWF
Roman Zweifel TreeNet – Stem growth and tree water relations patterns of the first 5 years of measurements
Martine Rebetez Climate change under forest cover
14:45 - 16:00
Apéro & tree planting