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Dr. Beat Frey



chef de groupe, senior scientist


Institut fédéral de recherches sur la forêt, la neige et le paysage WSL
Zürcherstrasse 111
8903 Birmensdorf


Birmensdorf Bi MG D 32, Bi LG D 24



Gruppenleiter Rhizosphären-Prozesse


  • 1987: dipl. ing. agr. ETH Zürich
  • 1993: Dr. sc. techn. ETH Zürich

Research interests

  • Microbial Ecology: Application of molecular markers to characterize the structure and function of key microbial populations in the soil. 
  • Soil microbiome, soil microbial diversity, next generation sequencing of pyrotags
  • Rhizosphere Research: Assessing of the complex plant-soil-microbe interactions under the impact of global change
  • Biogeochemistry: Elucidation of undesirable effects on key mircobial processes (litter decomposition and CO2 effluxes from soils) by management practises and anthropogenic impact

Teaching activities

"Bodenbiologie" ETH Zürich 701-0524-00L, along with Otto Daniel

List of publications

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