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Swiss AIM – an Advanced Inventorying and Monitoring system for the Swiss Forests

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The Swiss Advanced Inventorying and Monitoring (Swiss AIM) initiative was first proposed as part of the 2021–2024 strategy of the Research Unit (RU) Forest Resources and Management. It was conceived in consultation with the Swiss National Forest Inventory (NFI) and several RUs at WSL. In its feedback, the WSL Directorate explicitly welcomed the initiative and stated that it was “very relevant for the forthcoming WSL initiative Extremes”.


The starting vision for Swiss AIM, as developed within the RU FOREMA, reads as follows:

An integrated terrestrial and remote sensing observation system based on a permanent panel of enhanced NFI plots. It will provide high-quality periodical (infra-annual, annual, multi-annual) results with known statistical errors for the status, change and response of forests to biotic and abiotic drivers”.


The Swiss AIM Workshop

A Workshop “…with all interested RUs to discuss the scientific questions … and to prepare an adequate selection of NFI plots” was explicitly requested by the WSL Directorate when giving its feedback on the proposed Swiss AIM strategic initiative from the RU FOREMA. The Internal Swiss AIM Workshop was then organised and held virtually on 12 November 2020. The Workshop was designed to explore scientific questions and information needs from a broad range of potentially interested RUs, programmes and initiatives at WSL. The Workshop was intended for internal WSL potential partners only – an external audience will be targeted at a later stage. Heads of interested RUs at WSL or designated delegates / Programme leaders / leaders of Initiatives and Centres were invited.



08:45 – 09:00   Welcome and “round table tour”


10:30 – 11:00   Coffee break - Pause


12:00 – 13:30   Lunch break – Pause