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BLACKDYNAMite - DYNAMics and competition of BLACK Périgord and Burgundy truffles (Tuber melanosporum and aestivum) under climate change


Black truffles are esteemed edible mycorrhizal fungi of high socio-economic impact particularly in southern European countries, but of booming interest also in Switzerland. Whereas the more highly prized Périgord truffle is restricted to southern Europe, the Burgundy truffle is much more plastic in niche requirements. Recent studies report a decline in Périgord truffle yields in the South attributed to climate change and a displacement by the Burgundy truffle in natural habitats. This goes along with a northern shift confirmed by reports of Périgord truffle's occurrence in Swiss Burgundy truffle sites. In this Swiss-Spanish bilateral project, we seek to understand the dynamics and competition between the two black truffle species under climate change. Combining monitoring with experimental approaches and complementary expertise and climatic regions promises to yield unprecedented understanding of these precious fungi's ecological requirements not least most awaited by truffle growers.