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CCES-TRAMM: Triggering of Rapid Mass Movements in Steep Terrain


TRAMM was a research project of the ETH Competence Centre of Environment and Sustainability (CCES) with the aim to better understand mechanisms of rapid mass movements. While the first phase (2006-10) contained numerous dedicated field and lab experiments, such as an artificially released landslide on a steep forest slope, the second phase (2012-15) focused on further developing numerical models to make them usable in future early warning systems.

Recent progress has been achieved in accounting for high-resolution precipitation information and hydro-geological impacts in landslide models, as well as in linking the triggering and runout of mass movements. In addition, our recent work has substantially advanced the understanding and use of acoustic emissions as precursors of landslides and snow avalanches. In a workshop with practitioners, we have discussed limitations of current early warning systems (EWS) and how EWS can be further developed for a safe and timely recognition of imminent hazards. TRAMM research was also presented to a broad audience at Scientifica 2013.


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