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Influencing use conflicts in outdoor areas through interventions


This project is part of the COST action E33 and it is based on a social psychological approach. Considering the constantly increasing leisure activities in various outdoor areas the question arises, how social use conflicts and ecological impairment of nature can be reduced. The project focusses on the following questions:

  • Where do social and ecological use conflicts arise?
  • Which conditions cause and maintain these use conflicts?
  • Which interventions can influence behaviour, attitudes and perceptions of recreation visitors effectively? How can we promote cooperative behaviour, awareness of the environment, mutual acceptance and visitor satisfaction? How can social and ecological use conflicts be reduced or eliminated?

Since prohibitions and strict controls do not get along well with high-quality recreation, interventions in the outdoor area should be made on a voluntary basis and with unobtrusive methods. Additionally it is important that interventions do not impair the perceived natural character of the landscape. With consideration of these aspects and the local characteristics several case studies are conducted to gain experience in coping with social and ecological use conflicts.