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Effect on nature stay in differently managed agricultural zones – Potential for Green Care


There is a change in the use of agricultural zones due to a decline of subsidies. The trend towards an extensive management and a more near-natural development has been influenced by nature protection. In the described project we analysed the effect of differently managed agricultural areas on human well-being. In an experimental design the participants of the study have been presented either an intensively or extensively managed agricultural zone while walking on a treadmill. The effect on restoration and wellbeing has been analysed by using standardised scales.

The results showed that in general the extensively managed zones lead to an increase of the values on the dimension „calm“ and to a decline of the values on „arousal“, „anger“ and „lack of energy“, while the intensively managed zones lead to a decline of the values on the dimensions „depression“ and „arousal“.


SBF (COST 866 Projekt "Green Care in Agriculture")


Martens, D.; Bauer, N., 2011: Erholung in unterschiedlich genutzten Landwirtschaftsgebieten. Recreation in differently managed agricultural landscapes. Nat. Landsch. 86, 7: 307-311.