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Biodiversity-Seminar: Drivers of multitrophic diversity and functioning in temperate forests



WSL Birmensdorf, Englersaal

Organizzato da:

Marco Moretti


Steffen Boch



Tipo di evento:

Presentazioni e colloqui

Pubblico principale:

Anyone interested in the topics

Lecturer: Caterina Penone, University of Bern, Institute for plant science

Abstract: Most European forests have been or are currently managed and we need a better understanding of the effects of management practices on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Previous studies analysing such effects have typically focused on comparing broad management categories and have rarely included a large range of taxa and services.

I will present the outcomes of two studies evaluating the effects of management-related forest features on multi-trophic biodiversity and multiple ecosystem services. I will show the interest of “unpacking” management, biodiversity and ecosystem services to provide fine-tuned management solutions and better understand the ecological mechanisms by which management affects biodiversity and functioning.


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