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Enabling and Connecting Global Change Research on Mountains: a Mountain Research Initiative perspective



Hörsaal, SLF Davos (with video-link to WSL Birmensdorf)

Organizzato da:

Rosmarie Büchi


Dr. Carolina Adler, Executive Director, Mountain Research Initiative (MRI), Switzerland


Charles Fierz



Tipo di evento:

Distinguished Lectures

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everybody interested in this topic

Dr. Carolina Adler

The Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) envisions a world in which research to understand global change challenges and opportunities in mountains is conducted across borders and disciplines, generating knowledge that supports decisions, actions, and enables transformations to sustainable development. In this talk I critically reflect on the challenges of taking a social-ecological systems approach to such research, namely, to distil and scale research efforts from the local to the global. Building on conceptual advances on network approaches, I relate our experiences at MRI in connecting a global research community to key science-policy processes relevant for society.