Research interests

  • Debris-covered glaciers
  • Supraglacial cliffs and ponds
  • Energy-balance modeling
  • Glaciohydrological modeling
  • Structure-from-motion photogrammetry

A few examples...

I am interested in understanding the melt of ice cliffs at the subseasonal scale - these cliffs act as melt 'hotspots' on debris-covered glaciers and undergo a lot of change on a weekly to monthly basis. To quantify the cliff melt and study the processes underlying their evolution I install arrays of time-lapse cameras to calculate the glacier surface geometry at daily intervals:

Precise understanding and quantification of the processes happening at the cliff scale is achieved by comparing the measurements with an energy-balance model quantifying the ice cliff melt.

I use this local-scale understanding of the processes to study the ice cliff variability at the glacier scale over time and for different glaciers. This includes the development of new methods to map ice cliffs automatically and at the large-scale with satellite imagery, but also the development of stochastic models to reproduce and quantify this cliff variability and distribution.


  • Since 10/2018: PhD Student, Supraglacial ice cliffs on debris-covered glaciers in High Mountain Asia, ERC RAVEN project, WSL
  • 2018: MSc thesis, Influence of glacier retreat on proglacial streams using wavelet analysis, SBER institute, EPFL
  • 2018: Engineering degree, Ecole des Mines de Paris
  • 2017: Research Assistant, Meltwater plumes at the front of Bowdoin Glacier (Greenland) with UAV photogrammetry, VAW Glaciology Group, ETHZ
  • 2016: Project Officer, Regional integration of the East African power sector, French Development Agency
  • 2015: Research Assistant, Forward modeling of synthetic seismograms, Seismological Laboratory, Caltech



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