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Prof. Dr. Damaris Zurell



ricercatrice ospite


Istituto federale di Ricerca per la Foresta, la neve e il Paesaggio (WSL)
Zürcherstrasse 111
8903 Birmensdorf


Birmensdorf Bi HL E 23


My main affilliation has moved to University of Potsdam where I took up the position as Professor of Ecology & Macroecology.

More information on my personal website.

ResearcherID E-2439-2012. You can also find me on ResearchGate and GoogleScholar.

Research interests

I am fascinated by the question why species and individuals are where they are, how they get there and how they manage to sustain. This is central to understanding how they will respond to changes in their abiotic and biotic environment, for example due to climate change. My research covers several spatial and temporal scales. For example, I study drivers of broad-scale species distributions, of population dynamics as well as individual fitness, and their interplay with inter- and intraspecific interactions and life-history trade-offs. Modelling and data integration is a major part of my work, and I dedicate a lot of time to testing and improving existing methods for biodiversity modelling.

  • Global change impacts on biodiversity
  • Biodiversity modelling
  • Data analytics
  • Biogeography, macroecology, movement ecology