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Deliberative diets: Connecting producers and consumers to value the sustainability of Swiss food system scenarios


The overall goal is to develop a new approach to co-create sustainable food system scenarios and policies that put ordinary citizens at the centre of decision making. To do this, we will study two examples of high-impact agricultural supply chains (cocoa from Ecuador and oil/nut crops from Spain). In each, we will (i) assess the values that producers hold for local agro-ecosystems, (i) include these values in a new, comprehensive sustainability assessment approach, and (iii) map the structure and dynamics of these supply chains to identify potentials for improvement and transformation. In parallel, we will (iv) develop a model of the entire Swiss agri-food system to support participatory scenario exploration. The food system model and in-depth supply chain results will support deliberation workshops with Swiss citizens to co-create visions of sustainable food futures, and formulate the policies needed to implement them.