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Evoltree – EVOLution of TREEs as drivers of terrestrial biodiversity


Forest trees are key structural organisms of the dominant terrestrial ecosystem in temperate regions. A large network of European research institutions collaborate to better understand how forest ecosystems may respond to climate change. The network aims at establishing a leading-edge scientific community to boost population genetics and genomics with a particular emphasis on organismic interactions and wide spatial and temporal perspectives.


With their participation in the EC-supported Network of Excellence "EVOLution of TREEs as drivers of terrestrial ecosystem diversity", WSL researchers contribute and have access to a wide range of population genetic and genomic resources. The network of 25 partner institutions across Europe comprises a wide range of competence in genetics, genomics, and evolutionary ecology of forest trees and associated organisms (mycorrhiza, insects). Our project team is particularly active in studying organismic interactions, historical dynamics in forest tree populations, and infrastructural resource management. Being the only Swiss partner within the network, we further host one of the seven Intensive Study Sites (ISS), located in the Valais, which were established within the network to foster joint and interdisciplinary research across European forest biota.