Microscopic characteristics of dicotyledonous wood

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Vessels and fibers in longitudinal section

  Perforation plate:
Opening between two adjacent vessel elements.


t tangential
q transversal


me medium
mo modest

  Simple perforation plate:
Round to oval opening in the end wall of a vessel element.
r h
  Scalariform perforation plate:
The round to oval opening of the end wall of a vessel element is subdivided by bars. Often all the transition forms from the simple to the scalariform perforation plates are present.
r h
  Spiral thickenings:
Helical ridges on the internal face of the secondary wall.
r/t h
  Spiral thickenings in fiber-tracheids. r/t h
  Spiral and annular cell wall thickenings in vessels of the proto- and metaxylem. These thickenings, which are found in all the species, are not useful as identification characteristics. Attention is thus necessary in the identification of twigs. r/t mo
Fiber-like tracheids in the xylem with thick walls and small bordered pits (no perforation plates).
r h
  Libriform fibres:
Fibers in the xylem with thick walls and small slit-like pits.
r me
  Septate fibers: Similar to Libriform fibres, however with thin transversal walls. r me

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