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Abies alba Mill.

Silver Fir



Transversal section

  Growth ring boundaries conspicuous, generally abrupt, rarely gradual transition from earlywood to latewood. No resin canals, rarely traumatic resin canals, arranged in tangential rows may be present.

Radial section

  Usually uniseriate, sometimes biseriate pits in radial tracheid walls. Rays homocellular. Horizontal ray walls thick, smooth to dentate, walls of marginate ray cells thin. Tangential walls of rays distinct nodular chains. Taxodioid pits in earlywood rays, in latewood piceoid pits. Often crystals in marginal ray cells.

Tangential section

  Average ray height 15 to 25 (sometimes up to 40) cells.

Key characters

  Resin canals absent. Rays without tracheids.

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