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Alnus glutinosa Gaertn.

Black Alder



Transversal section

  Diffuse- and semi-ring-porous. Pores more or less densly packed (with wide variability), in radial multiples and groups, often clustered in earlywood. In proximity of aggregate rays growth ring boundaries more ore less undulating. Diffuse, apotracheal parenchyma. Aggregate rays generally present, sometimes rare. Pith triangular.

Radial section

  Scalariform perforation plates with 10 to often more than 20 bars. Rays homogeneous. Ray-vessel-pits relatively small. Generally ibriform fibres, fibre-tracheids rare.

Tangential section

  Uniseriate rays, in aggregate rays often 2- to 3-seriate rays. Average ray height: 10 to 25 cells.

Key characters

  Diffuse-porous. Radial pore multiples. Aggregate rays. Scalariform perforation plates with 10 up to more than 20 bars.


  The two species Alnus glutinosa and Alnus incana cannot be differentiated on the basis of their wood anatomy.

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