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Castanea sativa Gaertn.

Sweet Chestnut



Transversal section

  Ring-porous. In Iarge growth rings, the pores of the Iatewood form radialy oriented flame-like groups. In the heartwood, the earlywood vessels are obstructed by thin-walled tyloses. In general uniform distribution of thin- and thick-walled libriform fibres and fibre-tracheids. Apotracheal parenchyma both diffuse and in short, indistinct uniseriate tangential bands. Occasionally paratracheal parenchyma.

Radial section

  Simple perforation plates. Homogeneous rays, occasionally square marginal cells and crystals in slightly enlarged marginal ray cells. Prismatic cristals in axial parenchyma cells. Libriform fibres and vasicentric tracheids present, fibre-tracheids absent.

Tangential section

  Uniseriate rays, rarely biseriate. Average ray height: 10 to 30 cells.

Key characters

  Ring-porous. Latewood pores in radial dendritic groups. Homogeneous, uniseriate rays.


  Chestnut wood can be differentiated from Quercus by the absence of broad multiseriate rays.

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