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Carpinus betulus L.




Transversal section

  Diffuse-porous. Pores sparse, in long (2 to 10) radial pore multiples. Growth ring boundaries rather indistinct. Aggregate rays generally but not always present. Diffuse apotracheal parenchyma.

Radial section

  Simple perforation plates. Spiral thickenings delicate. Rays homogeneous and heterogeneous with one or two rows of square to slightly upright marginal cells. Ray-vessel-pits slightly enlarged. Libriform fibres and (only few) fibre-tracheids present.

Tangential section

  Rays usually uni- to biseriate, in aggregate rays sometimes up to 4-seriate. Average height of the uniseriate rays: 10 to 20 cells, multiseriate ray height: up to 40 cells. Occasionally prismatic crystals in enlarged ray cells.

Key characters

  Diffuse-porous. Long radial pore multiples. Aggregate rays, simple perforation plates.

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