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Fraxinus excelsior L.

English Ash



Transversal section

  Ring-porous. Pore size varies with growing location. Earlywood pore ring occasionally loosely packed. Latewood pores solitary or in short radial multiples (mostly one to two pores), rarely in small groups. Thick-walled latewood vessels. Paratracheal, vasicentric, and sometimes indistinct tangential bands of parenchyma. When heartwood present, earlywood vessels occasionally with tyloses.

Radial section

  Simple perforation plates. Homogeneous rays and rarely heterogeneous with one row of square marginal cells. In ray-vessel intersections numerous small pits. Axial parenchyma: Short, square to rectangular cells in proximity of latewood vessels, elongated cells away from vessels. Libriform fibres present, fibre-tracheids absent.

Tangential section

  Generally bi- and triseriate rays, average ray height: 10 to 15 cells, up to 20 cells.

Key characters

  Ring-porous. Latewood vessels thickwalled, solitary and often in radially paired multiples. Rays bi- to triseriate.

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