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Hippophae rhamnoides L.

Sea Buckthorn



Transversal section

  Semi-ring-porous to ring-porous. Solitary and clustered pores in earlywood, solitary pores in latewood. Largest vessels not directly along the distinct growth ring boundaries. Rather rarely vessels with yellow inclusions. Fibres in earlywood particularly thin-walled. Parenchyma generally apotracheal, diffuse, rarely paratracheal.

Radial section

  Simple perforation plates. Spiral thickenings in vessels. Homogeneous to slightly heterogeneous rays, marginal cells occasionally square to slightly upright. Only fibre-tracheids, no libriform fibres present.

Tangential section

  Generally biseriate rays, frequently uni- and occasionally triseriate. Average ray height: 5 to 15 cells. Generally storied rays.

Key characters

  Semi-ring- to ring-porous. Mostly solitary pores. Biseriate, storied rays.

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