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Ilex aquifolium L.




Transversal section

  Diffuse-porous. Pores small, in extremely long radial multiples and clusters. Growth ring boundaries marked by 2 to 3 rows of radially flattened cells. Cells uniformly thick-walled. Diffuse apotracheal and paratracheal parenchyma.

Radial section

  Scalariform perforation plates with 15 to 20, rarely up to 30 bars. Conspicuous spiral thickenings in vessels and fibre-tracheids. Heterogeneous multiseriate rays with numerous rows of upright marginal cells, uniseriate rays with upright cells. Ground tissue composed of fibre-tracheids, libriform fibres absent.

Tangential section

  Two classes of rays: Uniseriate rays with axial oval cells and multiseriate rays, 4 to 8 cells wide, with round cells, often up to 4 mm high.

Key characters

  Diffuse-porous, long radial multiples of small pores. Rays wide, heterogeneous. Scalariform perforation plates. Spiral thickenings.

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