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Juglans regia L.




Transversal section

  Diffuse-porous to semi-ring-porous. Pores large, infrequent, solitary or in radial rows of 2 to 4 cells. Tyloses frequent in pores of heartwood. Apotracheal parenchyma, both diffuse and in short, tangential bands. Paratracheal parenchyma scanty.

Radial section

  Simple perforation plates. Rays homogeneous, occasionally slightly heterogeneous with one to several rows of square marginal cells. Libriform-fibres present, fibre-tracheids absent. In large parenchyma cells (idioblasts) frequently prismatic cristals.

Tangential section

  Rays generally bi- to 4-seriate, rarely uni- and 5-seriate. Average ray height 15 to 30 cells.

Key characters

  Pores large, infrequent, often in radial multiples of 2 to 4 pores. Rays bi- to 4-seriate.

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