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Juniperus nana Syme

Dwarf Juniper



Transversal section

  Growth ring boundaries distinct, gradual transition from earlywood to latewood. Latewood zones generally narrow. No resin canals. Axial parenchyma cells, solitary or arranged in loosely grouped tangential bands, particularly in latewood, contain brown substances.

Radial section

  Uniseriate tracheid pits. Rays homocellular, horizontal ray cell walls smooth, sometimes undulated, tangential walls nodular, at junction of horizontal and tangential walls often indentures. No transversal tracheids in rays. Generally cupressoid pits in earlywood. Radial parenchyma cells contain often brown substances.

Tangential section

  Average ray height: 2 to 5, sporadically more.

Key characters

  No resin canals. Parenchyma cells with brown substances in the heartwood. Frequent discontinuous growth rings.


  The Juniper species cannot be differentiated on the basis of wood anatomic characteristics.

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