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Larix decidua Mill.

European Larch



Transversal section

  Abrupt transition between earlywood and latewood (with the exception of the growth rings formed during the outbreak period of the larch bud moth (Zeiraphera diniana Gn.). Resin canals bordered by 8 to 12 or more thick-walled epthelial cells.

Radial section

  Longitudinal tracheids often with biseriate pits over relatively long areas. Rays heterocellular. Ray tracheids present, with smooth walls. Thick walls of ray parenchyma, nodular tangential walls. Piceoid pits in the cross fields of the earlywood.

Tangential section

  Average ray height 10 to 15 cells, rarely up to 25 cells. Resin canals with thick-walled epithelial cells, occasionally two resin canals in one ray.

Key characters

  Resin canals present. Transition from earlywood to latewood abrupt. Longitudinal tracheids often with biseriate pits.


  The differentiation of Larix and Picea by wood anatomic characteristics is not always possible. In Picea the transition from earlywood to latewood is gradual and generally uniseriate bordered pits appear in the radial section of tracheids.

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